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Privacy Policy

According to the law indicated, your personal data will be processed lawfully, transparently and in a non-incompatible way with the collection details and to protect your privacy and rights. According to article 13 of the EU Regulation 2016/679, therefore, Le we provide the following information:


The collection of the data will be limited to what is necessary in accordance with the transformances set forth below specificate.


The collection and transfer of personal data is analized: a) in execution of the assignment to the Agency, to fulfill the requests of the interested party (search for a property for sale / lease / exchange, according to the indicated skills; visit and information regarding the properties; buyer search / conductors for sale / lease / of properties / companies; formalization of property purchase / lease proposals), to preparation of the documentation related to the realization of requests carried out, as specificate in the subscribed modules or to improve the services provided; b) for the reasons provided for by the legislation on anti-money laundering and in general to fulfill the obligations imposed by the law; c) subject to your consent, for sending advertising material or for carrying out market research or commercial communications, by the Appraiser to the Primacasa Franchising Network and by Primacasa SpA, also by e-mail and / or SMS and / or fax and / or telephone and / or ordinary mail, for products and services provided by them, even after the end of the assets of the signed modules. In this case, you will have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. If the Transaction Holder intends to cross further the personal data for a different nature from that for which they were collected, before such further transaction, the Owner will provide the interested party with information on this different nature and any other pertinent information.


The legal basis for the transaction is your willingness to appoint the Agency. The legal basis of the transaction for the reasons referred to in point 2c) it is your consent.


The provision of personal data by the interested party, for the purpose referred to in the previous point 2a, is optional, but a possible refused to supply determines the impossibility of fulfilling the requests and the contract. The lack of consent for the conduct of business of marketing or promotional, on the other hand, will exclusively result in the failure to send promotional and marketing communications, without further consequence on the execution of the assignment and the requested researches.


The data provided will be forwarded directly to the Franchising Network of Primacasa S.p.A., the holder of the transaction, whose company name and accounting data are reported in this statement (see top right), only those above mentioned and may be communicated for the fulfillment of the contract

a) to employees and collaborators of the same company;

b) to people interested in the sale / purchase / lease / exchange of real estate or companies;

c) to third parties in charge to carry out and to search for properties / companies or buyers / conductors;

d) to other companies involved in the Franchising Network of Primacasa S.p.A. who have jurisdiction over the chosen area;

e) to comply with legal obligations, the competent Authorities and their own consultants;

f) with your consent, for marketing, promotional and market research purposes, to Primacasa SpA (VAT number 02961650237) based in Cà di David - Verona, Via Forte Tomba n. 7 / b.

The Transaction Holder will not transfer your personal data to a third country or an organization international.


The data transfer will take place in accordance with the provisions of EU Reg. 2016/679 and will be made both manually and with the aid of computerized and telematic means at the headquarters of the Company affiliate to the Franchising Network of Primacasa S.p.A. which were communicated and whose company name and accounting data are indicated in this statement (see top right). Only in the case of your consent, the data may be transferred, exclusively for marketing purposes, also by the company Primacasa SpA The Data Controller does not use automated processes programmed to profilation.


Your personal data will be kept for the time prescribed by the civil and tax laws and in any case for n. 10 years from termination of the contractual relationship. For the puropose indicated in point 2c the data will be kept for 24 months.


Please note that in reference to your personal data, you can exercise the following rights:

  • access rights; right to obtain the correction
  • rights to deletion of personal data, if one of the reasons indicated in the art. 17 EU Regulation 2016/679;
  • right to limit the transfer, when one of the hypotheses indicated in the art occurs; 18 EU Regulation 2016/679;
  • rights to data portability, as governed by the art. 20 of the EU Regulation 2016/679;
  • law to propose a complaint to the supervisory authority (Authority for the Protection of Personal Data)


The interested party has the right to object at any time to the transfer of personal data pursuant to art. 21 EU Reg. 2016/679 and in particular, in relation to the transaction for direct marketing purposes. In this case, the data will no longer be processed for these purposes.


The holder of the transaction is the Company affiliate to the Franchising Network of Primacasa S.p.A., where the data was communicated and whose company name and accounting data are indicated in this statement (see top right). In case of your consent, for transactions made for the purposes indicated in point 2c, (marketing / promotional / market research), Holder of the transaction will be instead Primacasa S.p.A. (P. IVA 02961650237) with headquarters in Cà di David - Verona, Via Forte Tomba n. 7 / b (tel. 045.8750972 - e-mail: customer services @, on whose behalf the Franchising Network of Primacasa S.p.A. asks for consent to the transaction.


It is specific that each company affiliate to the Franchising Network of Primacasa S.p.A., is legally and administratively independent and autonomous with respect to Primacasa S.p.A .. Each company, therefore, is not responsible for the processing of the data treatment from the other companies to which the data have been communicated.


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